PDLR5 LOTUS Projection Rifle - Oceanic

Designed by the manufacturer "Protia" - each weapon manufactured is designed around the idea of a flower, where the muzzle flash creates the petals, best seen from the side and back. This weapon uses charged cartridges in a magazine, and expels them after 3 rounds per ammo disk, for a total of 45 rounds per magazine. It comes with optional red dot sight, integrated sensory system, and optional Beam focuser for higher damage, but a lower rate of fire, and longer range. The "HB" and "LB" on the fire selector indicate two different modes, heavy beam and light beam, the heavy is single fire and higher damage, and the light beam is full auto and less powerful.

Designed for the upcoming game Oceanic:

Note: the first person animation is just wip- prerendered and not in game

(WIP) Oceanic - PDLR 5 - Animation by DanMak