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The ガルーダ Garuda AntiHydrogen Cannon is a modular combat platform designed for mechanical tactical units or MECHA. Anti-Hydrogen (H-) Flows through this particle accerator, only one gram is needed to level an entire city, while capable, Microgram and under payloads are needed for practicality.
This entire gun was modeled in SUB D in 3ds Max, and then the rubber bits I sculpted some subtle surface detail, other than that it's all subd.

Created by Garuda industries the DRGN H- cannon requires many times the power generated by any current day source and it's mobile particles accelerator is many times more powerful than CERN during the 21st century.

Alex senechal main gold 1
Alex senechal exploded 1
Alex senechal front open exposed lenses
Alex senechal rear main black lenses

Garuda DRGN Anti Hydrogen Cannon

Alex senechal rear open 2 black camo
Alex senechal front main 2
Alex senechal op rear open 1