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ガルーダ (GARUDA) Y-HOP Projection SMG

The ガルーダ(Garuda) Y-HOP Light Human Operated - Projector SMG is a light weight projection weapon. Built upon the Y-FRAME modular base system this body can fit multiple uses, but is usually restricted to short to medium range. The Gold plates on the side are where the Neural Uplink Modules reside for different systems. The weapon's advantage over most small arms is the sensor package that enables the weapon to be an extension of the body and it's tactical sensory information is laid into your vision.
This weapon was an experiment in trying to find a design when I had no inspiration or ideas really and trying to finish it quickly.
All SUBD modeled in Max except a slight sculpt pass on the rubber which was first modeled in SUBD.

Alex senechal alex senechal design front main b
Alex senechal rear main a
Alex senechal closeup white b
Alex senechal side profiles a
Alex senechal contrast bw 1
Alex senechal alex senechal strtipe contrast red 1
Alex senechal yhop fire loop 450px
Alex senechal breakdown a
Alex senechal auto ejection
Alex senechal bw logo open 1
Alex senechal crazy shit 3
Alex senechal semi graphic blue smaller
Alex senechal bw logo open 4
Alex senechal dfh

Gold Test Render