Foregone Destructon Remake - Splitgate

Recently I joined as Art Director at 1047 games, we are hiring and have hired many awesome artists from AAA studios from around the world. This map is our first step in bringing Splitgate into the AAA arena in terms of art. I'm super happy with what we've managed to do in forward rendering and still able to get 60FPS on a base xbox one, with portals triple rendering the game, and our quality will only continue to improve as we grow.
I worked closely with our super skilled Lead Environment Artist Efrem Pivetti to make this happen and a huge thanks to Aaron Boomhower for concept support.
Aaron Boomhower had a huge role in the concepting of the map along side Efrem and I.
Foliage and vegetation on the map was primarily created and spearheaded by Aljona Bulgar
The FX work was done by our the skilled Pavel Mazanik
Technical Art Direction: Te Wilson
Lighting/Skybox/Shader work was done by Kaj de Jong.
The weapon pads, flags, and other cool technical solutions were designed and created by Michael Susha
Fish/Statue Designs and high poly:
Animation and techinchal support: Mauro ciocia and
Callout design/modeling and foliage:
Mural Designs Cane T and Ivan Vismara:

Environment/prop Modeling/texture/design:

Manta Design:
Level design :

Mr. Splitgate design - Aaron Boomhower x Alex Novello