Advanced Tiling Texture Techniques for Environment Design

This tutorial is on how you can get a lot of detail out of tiling textures like I have shown in my previous environment using two uv channels.
In the tutorial I go over a lot of the basics of tiling textures as well as my workflow for using two UV channels to blend details seamlessly to get a nearly high poly look. Its all recorded in realtime with commentary. I include a ton of assets and all the project files as well as my finished assets and the blockouts so you can follow along. The goal was to give you a blockout ready to be finalized so that the tutorial focuses on polishing rough geometry and turning it into a finished asset using ONLY tiling textures.
The tutorial is using 3ds Max 2017 which I highly recommend you pick up the trial so you may follow along.

Alex senechal ad image2final 7
Alex senechal vertical

This is what the tutorial covers

Alex senechal closeup 2

Closeup, made with tiling textures

Alex senechal 9