GARUDA (ガルーダ) VEKA-SKEL Projection Shotgun

GARUDA Veka-Skel Projection Shotgun utilizes a phased array, HI-PAK powered weapons system. With 6 pressurized ports for venting excess pressure and the excess particles that didn't get captured in the magnetic field projectile boundary. It also features a floating-fixed point stock, capable of docking to the body and staying in perfect sync with the weapons system despite any force applied. Each battery lasts for approximately 600 shots before needing to be replaced, but overheats every 3 shots fired in 5 seconds. Each shot fires 4 projectiles.

This is my first design using entirely Fusion 360.

Alex senechal rear main a
Alex senechal top down a
Alex senechal main shot final a
Alex senechal table rear a
Alex senechal uplaod spinny
Alex senechal skin tight jeans
Alex senechal side 1
Alex senechal top down table
Alex senechal battery floating b
Alex senechal sick colors vr0 palm 2

excuse my aesthetics

Alex senechal hentai v1
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Alex senechal wavy gang20