UE4 Research 02 Processing System - Details and Veiwport shots

An environment I designed and created using 98% tiling textures, every detail down to each screw was placed by hand. All in unreal 4. I used 2 uv channels so i could get tiling look and unique normal diff and roughness variation. While its very very geo heavy this technique could easily be done much with much less geo, it would be preferential for more interior environments if you can afford more geo, it also can save the time of low polying everything, it then allows for faster iteration. I went much more heavy than I would in production so I could focus on the design of the space.

I made a gumroad with the trimsheets and baked set I used.
Includes the high poly models as well as the UV's low poly for the baked set as well as normals and working textures for them all.
It, I also included some tips on how to use them as well.

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back floor

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This could technique could be easily optimized for production, as I was doing this for myself i wanted to focus on the art.

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