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ガルダ Mech Experiments

Unit 12 is developed by Garuda Industries and Assembled on Mars in the year 2071. The mech is suited to more simple tasks but can be outfitted in many ways to suit different tasks.
This is my first personal work I have designed and finished from concept to final.

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Alex senechal modular lettering
Alex senechal alex senechal manual d
Alex senechal 12053213 1156654641015710 356463093 n
Alex senechal 12669616 1233870233294150 4579056527630665168 n
Alex senechal top downnobanding
Alex senechal 12083672 1156654704349037 1223370458 n
Alex senechal 12077224 1156654557682385 114563632 n
Alex senechal color only